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SDSC is a world leader in using, innovating and providing information technology to enable advances and new discovery in science and engineering. Focusing on data-oriented and computational science and engineering applications, SDSC serves as an international resource for data cyberinfrastructure through the provision of software, hardware and human resources in multi-disciplinary science and engineering, and serves as a leadership national cyberinfrastructure Center to the National Science Foundation (NSF) and broader community.

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FEATURE: SDSC Help Speed High-Tech Drug Design
FEATURE: Mapping Tool Spots Brain Disorders

NSF and ARL Team on Groundbreaking Workshop on Digital Data Stewardship
11.14.06 - Today, digital data collections are everywhere. But will today's digital data be available tomorrow?

Unleashing a Realistic Magnitude 7.7 Virtual Earthquake
11.14.06 - Progress usually happens in small increments. Not this time. Computational scientists performed a simulation 20 times larger than their previous largest of a massive magnitude 7.7 earthquake.

SDSC Boosts Storage Capacity to 25 Petabytes
11.03.06 - SDSC and its host institution, the University of California San Diego, now have more storage capacity than any other educational institution in the world.

SDSC at SC'06 -- Highlighting Data to Discovery
11.03.06 - The data-intensive computing and Cyberinfrastructure that drive cutting-edge science will be featured at the San Diego Supercomputer Center exhibit at SC'06.

FEATURE: SDSC Helps Speed High-Tech Drug Design
11.01.06 - The high-stakes task of designing new drugs relies on high-tech tools, especially computerized predictions of the 3-D structure of proteins.

NSF Renews SDSC Partner PRAGMA
11.01.06 - The National Science Foundation (NSF) has renewed its support for a grassroots effort by U.S. and Pacific Rim engineers...

SDSC Nuggets for October Released
11.01.06 - This month, SDSC staff have been making the final preparations for Supercomputing 2006.

SDSC Announces the Release of Gemstone Version 1.0
10.11.06 - The GEMSTONE project, Grid Enabled Molecular Science Through Online Networked Environments, has released Version 1.0 of the Gemstone environment, a rich client interface to an important set of grid-enabled computational chemistry and biochemistry tools.

Educating Cyberinfrastructure-Savvy Researchers
10.11.06 - In an increasingly complex and interconnected world the ability to make real-time decisions in a global manufacturing and service enterprise requires integrating vast amounts of data and computation through the use of cyberinfrastructure.

FEATURE: Mapping Tool Helps Spot Brain Disorders
10.06.06 - Brain diseases are challenging to diagnose, which can confuse or delay beneficial treatments. Now, researchers in the Biomedical Informatics Research Network (BIRN) are using specific structural or shape differences in patients' brains to help identify brain disorders.

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Profile: Q&A with Jean Ferrante and Fran Berman

Jeanne Ferrante and Francine Berman sat down together, at the start of the Fall 2006 quarter, to talk about pressing issues facing women in engineering....
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SDSC Nuggets

October Nuggets headlines include:
More than Google – Sharper Views of Earth's Surface for Geoscientists

Cyberinfrastructure for the Molecular Sciences – SDSC Releases GEMSTONE Version 1.0

The Science of Learning – New UCSD Center Partners with SDSC

Natural History Magazine Features SDSC's TeacherTECH Website

A Historical Record of “Redlining”
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Focus: Strategic Applications Collaborations at SDSC

The Strategic Applications Collaborations (SAC) and Strategic Community Collaborations (SCC) program contributes to the computational science and engineering research conducted by academic users nationwide. SAC/SCC pairs academic researchers possessing exceptional scientific expertise with the computational expertise of SDSC staff.